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Drying Cabinets for superior textile care in all kinds of applications

Gentle drying of delicate materials like wool, velvet, silk and linen isn‘t easy.
And when it comes to protections in workwear and sports clothing, boots and gloves, conventional drying solutions have limitations because of the mechanical action.
Give your customers the peace of mind.

Best drying of sensitive garments without mechanical action

Outstanding flexibility

Designed for sensitive garments, protective workwear, outdoor clothing and bulky items.

Quality and care

Top quality results and textile care thanks to gentle drying without mechanical action.

Save time and money

Fast and gentle drying, quicker and better than hang- or flat-drying. Extended lifetime of garments and workwear.


For best space utilization and perfect results:
– Hanger sticks
– Shoes shelves
– Glove hangers




Drying cabinet, 4kg, 17g/min

  • Option of activating child safety start lock
  • 30 extensible hangers
  • Two automatic drying programmes
  • Adjustable feet – for ease of installation




Drying cabinet, 6-8kg, 72 g/min

  • The drying cabinet is working with negative pressure which eleminates leakage of air into the room
  • Dual fans and air ducts give perfect air balance and an even drying result in the whole cabinet
  • 18 pivoting hanging rolls made of anodized and painted tubing
  • Adjustable floor supports – for easy installation


Drying Cabinet, 10 kg suspension lenght

  • Large doors and opening angle – for easy use
  • Option of activating child safety start lock
  • Two automatic drying programmes
  • A pivoting aluminium hanger and a fixed rack on the short side for thin and smaller fabrics. Total hang length 22m

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