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Benefit from Electrolux Scotland's Professional industrial ironers

C-Flex industrial ironers range offers the best equipment to process the flat linen in with high productivity and quality.

Feeders and folders are designed to connect with the C-Flex ironer for an easy operation.

  • Folder with versatile cross fold and stacker possibilities.
  • Vacuum feeding table for small and medium flat.
  • Single station feeder up to 500 pieces/hour.
  • Folds with three length folds and one cross, piles are returned to the operator.
  • 2 length folds making a French fold and 2 cross
  • 3 stackers standard construction with automatic sorting per size.
C-Flex IL feeder

C-Flex IL feeder

Single station feeder, up to 500 pieces/hour

  • One station automatic feeder for productive feeding of large flatwork on one lane
  • Forward clipping supported by suction box and vacuum table for best ergonomics and productivity
  • Fixed horizontal stretching blade over the full width for optimum quality of feeding
  • Stop and stretch conveyor further improving quality of leading edge
C-Flex IL flat

C-Flex IL flat

Folder with versatile stacker position

  • Available in 3.000 mm or 3.300 mm for a perfect match with your C-Flex
  • Single lane large flat folder for perfectly stacked bed linen and other large flatwork
  • Bypassable on full width for small flatwork not requiring folding
  • Choice of stack & fold or drop stacker allowing the perfect fit always
C-Flex IL vaccuum table

C-Flex IL vaccuum table

Vacuum feeding table for small and medium flat

  • Fixed horizontal stretching blade over the full width for optimum quality of feeding
  • Foldable trays for ergonomic feeding of small flatwork
  • Neon light curtain over full width for best working conditions
  • Central lint collecting box for a clean and safe working place



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