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A complete cleaning service in 55 minutes! lagoon® Advanced Care Cleaning solutions for professional textile care.

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet Cleaning is environmentally friendly, solvent-free “dry-cleaning” that uses no toxic chemicals, as water is the solvent.

You’re Invited!
Want to see lagoon Advanced Care in action? Get in touch to request a demonstration.

Discover what so many other professional garment cleaners have already realised – the benefits of wet cleaning. Bring along any garments you would like to be processed, and see the results in under 1 hour!

Cost per Cycle
Click on the link below to find out more about Cost per Cycle, a new way to finance lagoon Advanced Care. No hidden fees or costs and the best in class equipment with a rapid return on investment!

*See lagoon Advanced Care solutions below

Find out more about Cost per Cycle


A flexible, modular solution you can tailor to your needs

lagoon® Advanced Care is available as 3 different-capacity solutions, giving you maximum flexibility and the option of expanding at a later date.

  • Essential Set
  • Evolution Set
  • Absolute Set

70 small items/day
Enter the wet cleaning business with a professional solution that perfectly complements any existing dry-cleaning operation. Best-in-class performance with a small footprint: that’s lagoon® Advanced Care.

Processing capacity 6 to 8 small items per cycle.

Say goodbye to solvent-based cleaning.

Environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals used in processes, as water is the solvent.

Delicate on the delicates
Outstanding results with most precious textiles and fine wool labelled dry-clean only.

A real game changer
Easy wet cleaning with no hard-to-learn procedure and no bottlenecks.

High productivity
Improved loading factor and enhanced cleaning action. Faster process times for a quicker return on investment.

The best cleaning performance
Fast effective cleaning lets you offer customers an express delivery service.

Unique continuous workflow for a more efficient service
All the benefits of water with the speed and simplicity of solvent-cleaning.


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