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Thain Commercial supplies commercial laundry and dishwasher equipment for offshore workplaces whether your place of work is an oil rig, a fishing boat or a yacht. We can supply tailored laundry solutions and install your equipment if required.

Offshore workplaces are unique environments so the solutions must fit for purpose. The solution requires durable, high performance commercial washers, dryers and dishwashers that can cope with volume and also provide reliability. Loss of service means lost time and money and it’s not so easy to call for repairs in the middle of the sea. At Thain we appreciate that. That’s why we have worked hard to give our offshore clients the best combination of quality, proven products and a level of service unrivalled in Scotland.

Our staff are highly experienced in providing the best laundry solutions in the offshore and marine sector. Whether the workplace is an oil rig, a fishing boat or a passenger yacht, space, unusual voltages and a lack of external venting are the most common issues to anticipate. Our experienced team of engineers know how to work around these constraints to bring you an offshore laundry solution you will be entirely satisfied with


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