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A busy veterinary surgery has constant laundry needs, so ensuring that surgery facilities are clean and safe for patients is of paramount importance.

The cleaning of blankets, bedding and cloths, to the disinfection of surgical instruments, is a full time task and washing these items in a simple domestic machine will not achieve the desired result as it is a specialist job that requires the right technology and wash programmes.

Electrolux have introduced a range of professional washers and dryers that are perfect for most vets practices.

Domestic laundry machines don't stand up to the demands of a veterinary practice, but most professional dryers cost too much for a small practice, and can be 'overkill' for general veterinary use.
That's why Electrolux have developed a range that's perfect for small business needs and requirements.

They have been built and designed to offer:

  • Large 8Kg Load Capacity
  • Long life – 3 times longer than domestic machines
  • High Speed
  • Low Vibration 70dB
  • Dries perfectly - sensors more efficient than domestics models
  • Stainless Steel Front & Top
  • Drum Illumination
  • Reversible Door
  • Side by Side or Pedestal Stack Options
  • Top quality – consistently great results
  • Maximum flexibility – thanks to 16 professional programs
  • Warranty for professional applications
  • Rated A for condensation efficiency
  • 2 Year Professional Use Warranty

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